About Us

Attention Members

We are looking for someone to act as our stenographer and note taker. Must be a member from the Inside, Outside or Housing Units to assist us in note-taking during bargaining. Must be able to type a minimum of 60 words per minute and  be available May 4-19th, with additional dates to follow. Please submit your application to recordingsecretary_4705@cupesudbury.org The application deadline is April 21@ at noon

Who We Are

Look in the mirror, at your unionized co-workers, other departments – everyone you see is “the union”. We are all “the union”; be proud!  The elected leadership below depend on you, the member, to ensure you have the right people looking out for your interests and that of the rest of the membership.   Your participation attendance and voice at monthly meetings, elections and rallies are so incredibly important and valued in so many ways!

A core tenet of CUPE 4705’s mission is to advocate for the vital services that keep our families safe and make our community strong. Just as we strive for fairness in negotiations – we also strive for fairness in our community and in the halls of government. With a history dating back more than 20 years in the Sudbury area, CUPE 4705 members provide services that keep citizens in many areas of the Province and the Sudbury District up and running.

Table Officers


Bryan is no stranger to the political and CUPE scene as he currently is also the President of the Sudbury & District CUPE Council since 2021. Bryan also represents all members of Northern Ontario as the elected representative for Northern Ontario on the CUPE Ontario Board since 2018 and the CUPE National Board since 2019.

Currently Bryan also sits on the CUPE Ontario Pension Reference Group (OMERS) and the Finance/Policy Group; he also serves as the CUPE Ontario liaison to the CUPE Ambulance Committee of Ontario (CACO).”

Vice President

Actively involved with our union for close to a decade making a start as the Sergeant at Arms, a steward, health and safety representative and political action and anti- privatization efforts. Max held the position of Acting President for about six months until we elected our current president. Max comes from the Outside Unit where he is a Equipment Operator B joining the city in 2008.

Recording Secretary

Leslie has held this position temporarily for 8 months until her being elected Nov. 2022. She comes from Pioneer Manor and has also worked on the Outside unit until transfering to Social Services on the Inside. She loves organizing and getting involved in nearly every aspect of union work including the communication committee, Job Evaluation and with women’s issues.


Eric comes from Transit and soon we’ll tell you about his interests and union history.

Executive Board

Sectional Chair- Housing Unit

The unit’s Chair for last 9 years. David is a maintenance technician 1, a health and safety representative for the past 30 years and active unionist for 40; UAW Mine Mill Local 598, USW Local 8126 as a Steward and local President. Sudbury CUPE Council and Sudbury District Labour Council. Northern Ontario representative for the Ontario Municipal Employees Coordinating Committee. Health and safety is his biggest concern lately. He’s started mentoring members, encouraging them to get training and stand up for their rights. He’s been married 33 years, has 2 sons and a gorgeous granddaughter

Sectional Chair- Inside Unit

Srdj was elected in November of 2022. He has been with the city for over 8 years as a Paramedic.  Srdj brings with him over 15 years of experience in business, marketing and content creation. While new to the executive role, his focus on collaboration and positivity makes him a valuable asset and a joy to be around.

Outside Unit

Dave McGlade became your Outside Unit Chair in 2020 coming from the Fleet Division as a Technician 2. He’s been with the city for 12 years. Dave sits on various committees, has experience with arbitration and mediations, was a previous Chief Steward and Health and Safety Representative.

Manitoulin Sudbury District Service Board Chair

A senior social services caseworker Jim has been active with the union for several years. He is also the ByLaw Committee Liaison for our local and has experience with bargaining, stewarding and health and safety.

Hydro Plus Inc. Chair

A representative of this section for several years, Stefan has had experience with bargaining, stewarding and health and safety.

Ontario Library Services Chair

Beth was acclaimed to this position November 2022. Beth is the Digital Licensing Coordinator with OLS and has been an active unionist since 2017. She was the former Vice President of SOLS CUPE 3604, and has experience in bargaining and Job Evaluation.

Espanola Recreation Centre Chair

A representative of this section for several years, Debbie has had experience with bargaining, stewarding and health and safety.

Co-Chair for the Outside Unit

Marty has been a long time representative for our members and actively participates with grievances, member engagement, political action and Health and Safety. Marty also sits as Ontario Municipal Employee Coordinating Committee Area 2 Representative.

Co Chair for Inside Unit

Gary was acclaimed to this position November 2022.  Well known around the union hall for decades as a steward, chief steward, WSIB rep, transit task force, health and safety just to name a few.  Gary is a long time (nearly thirty years as a transit operator)

Support Members

Chief Steward Inside Unit

Also a paramedic for the last 7 years Anthony sits on the communication committee and has recently been appointed to the Young Workers Committee as the Northern Rep.

Chief Steward Outside Unit

Comes to us as an Equipment Operator B since 2010 with work with Cemetery services. Darren has been active as a steward with our local and health and safety and relieves various positions at the local from time to time.

CUPE National Representative

Assigned to our local on a temporary basis until our permanent rep is available.  From Kingston and comes with about 12 years of experience.

Sargent At-Arms