Renamed in Honour of 4705's First President

Here at the hall in Copper Cliff there is a beautiful space to which members simply called "the board room" downstairs in the office area. This space is used quite frequently by the executive board, the various committee meetings, negotiations, arbitrations; its use is endless. Complete with efficient lighting, comfortable chairs and ample table and storage this room has been a godsend to those who use for their functions for our members. On June 12, the room was renamed to honour former Local 4705 President, Wyman MacKinnon, for the many years of representation to our members since 4705 came into existence back in the year 2000. Brother Wyman and his spouse were present for the unveiling and everyone agrees he was moved beyond words for this action. Among several dozen members, both past and present filling the office halls they included past national representatives and Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament France Gelinas and Jamie West. Wyman stood smiling ear to ear, no doubt fighting back tears of thanks, acknowledging the thanks we were giving him. Word has it he was talking about this day still a week later. Wyman was never one looking for a pat on the back but was one who fought to maintain solidarity with all members no matter what division; full or part time, large or small sectional units. Its what our local strives for every day now. Thanks Wyman for those great years and we all wish you the best in health.
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