Vaccine Roll Out to Members of Group 2. Read on...

May 10, 2021, the Government announced an updated list of workers who cannot work from home and who are part of Group 2 to register to receive the vaccine during the week of May 10. The link is here:
  • Social workers and social services staff who provide in-person client services (including youth justice workers, Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program case workers).
  • Transportation, warehousing and distribution workers (including public transit workers, truck drivers supporting essential services, marine and rail cargo and maintenance, highway maintenance).
  • Electricity (including system operations, generation, transmission, distribution and storage workers).
  • Communications infrastructure workers (including cellular, satellite, landline, internet, public safety radio).
  • Water and wastewater management workers.
  • Waste management workers.

Additionally, there are certain municipal workers who were already eligible to book, starting May 3:

  • Workers responding to critical events (including police, fire, special constables, children’s aid society workers, emergency management, critical infrastructure restoration workers).
  • Enforcement, inspection and compliance roles (including by-law enforcement, building inspectors, food inspectors, animal welfare inspectors, border inspection officers, labour inspectors, WSIB field workers).
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