Retroactive Pay

To All Members Inside and Outside Bargaining Units:

A number of you have expressed your concern and frustration with the delay in receiving your pay owing from the 2016 round of Collective Bargaining. And you have had every right to be upset. 

Finally with the support of the Membership, I am pleased to report that I have confirmed that all retroactive pay owing from the recent round of Collective Bargaining will be on your next pay.

For those who are normally paid this week, you will receive your retro pay this Friday October 28th.

If your regular pay day is next week you will be getting you retro pay next Friday November 4th.

This process has taken much longer than it ever should have, but you will have your retro a full two weeks before the date originally estimated by the employer. 

In Solidarity,

Darryl Taylor

CUPE Local 4705

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