All Collective Bargaining Agreements are available within the Member Portal (upper right of your screen).  As well you may request from your Chief Steward or Contact your CUPE Office at 705 560 4705 and pick up at the local office in Copper Cliff.


Phones are up for silent auction! They are used and some are cracked. Phones come as is and without phone charger. Please email for your silent auction bid. (Name and amount). Silent auction closes at 6:00pm December 17. Bids on here will not be accepted. Thank you.

Used by:

  1. Rick Leroux - Outside Unit Chair
  2. Gary Aubut-- Inside Unit Chief Steward
  3. Trevor MacDonnald - Outside Unit Chief Steward
  4. Lesley Bottrell- Inside Unit Co-Chair
  5. Marty Larocque- Outside Unit Co-Chair (Ottor box)
  6. Mike Bellerose- President (Cracked)
  7. Dave Levesque- Housing Chair (Cracked) ( No case)
  8. Susan Specht- Inside Unit Chair (Cracked)
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