Community Paramedic - Limited Positions

Currently in discussions with the paramedic services management team regarding their use of Community Paramedics Limited Full Time for Funded Projects. Ref Article 11:01 (5)(f) The members wholeheartedly support the excellent work the Community Paramedics do both in COVID days and going forward. The union realizes how complex acquiring funding to continue using Community Paramedics is and that funding isn't always available. ES leadership has done a fantastic job with continuing to apply and be granted funding to keep these projects going for the last 6+ years. The citizens benefit in terms of keeping vital emergency response times lower. AOD is lower as a result as well. The benefits are numerous and we feel funding will continue. Nonetheless, the acquisition of this funding is a management function and the approvals ultimately coming from the taxpayers and city council also a management function. Your union provides the expertise and professionals to which we (all of you) have done in stellar fashion! It's time for these members including those who backfill for Community Paramedics to be compensated accordingly to the terms of our CBA. With that said your Union leadership is has taken the position to enforce the terms of the CBA under Article 11:01(5)(f) Where a Limited position is funded wholly/partially on an external third party (e.g. Fednor, HRDC, RBC) and the duration of the Limited position is expected to go beyond the limits contained in Article 11:01(5), the Employer may post the Limited position for a maximum of two (2) years. Notwithstanding any other Article, a Temporary Employee who has accepted a Limited posting will not be considered for any other Limited posting unless the other Limited posting is posted within thirty (30) calendar days of the expiration of the current Limited posting they occupy or by mutual consent of the Parties hereto, provided the Employer provides the Union with prior notice of the expected duration, scope and duties. For the above noted reasons, the Union cannot consent to the continued use of Community Paramedics in Limited Positions past negotiated terms and believe the time is now for any member working as a Community Paramedic to be deemed Permanent Full Time. This also opens positions on the emergency front for our part time to be promoted to full time and fairly receive their rightful benefits as a result. This is simply an update of what is coming down the pipe. It's not a decision any union leader has made, rather a simple enforcement of the CBA as we go through the process that was negotiated. If you have questions or concerns please contact Rick to discuss. In solidarity, Rick Sasseville Chair Inside Unit