Notice to all Cupe Local 4705 members

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, we want you to know that CUPE Local 4705 is doing everything we can to support you through this difficult time.  Our members and our staff are our first and foremost priority.  We at the Cupe Local 4705 Office are putting precautionary measures in place to ensure our members and staff are healthy and protected.  As such, we are continuing to respond to emails and calls as we work remotely (away from the office).

If you have meetings scheduled at this office, kindly contact your Bargaining Unit Chair Representative directly to reschedule these meetings.

By working together, we can continue to keep our communities safe.

We are prepared to support you through these uncertain and challenging times. 

If you have an urgent matter, please contact:

Denise Belanger (Recording Secretary) at 705-560-4705

Mike Bellerose (President) at 705-507-6730

Susan Specht (Inside Chair) at 705-507-5142

Rick Leroux (Outside Chair) at 705-507-4142

Jim Putman (MSDSB Chair) at 705-862-7850

Stefan Bartsch (Hydro Plus Inc. Chair) at

Scott Crew (Hydro Inc. Chair) at

Dave Levesque (Sudbury Housing Chair) at 705-822-6637

Debbie Sokoloski (Espanola Recreation Centre Chair) at 705-863-3613

***Agilis, OLSN and Espanola Hydro are represented by the President.***

About Online Meetings
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