As many of you are aware none of our employers have agreed to recognize Monday Sept 19th as a holiday. We heard your calls from the moment this was proclaimed by the Federal Government and we were all left in a cloud of what this meant. Most, not all, of us have language that states it would be recognized if signed by the Governor General or Lieutenant Governor, neither of which were the signers of this proclamation. We believe this to be petty and as such I reached out to Mayor Bigger asking him to overturn this decision. Last night Mayor Bigger and I spoke and in the end, without an emergency council meeting and a vote to overturn the decision, the decision of Ed and Kevin shall remain. Unfortunately, this means we will NOT have Monday off as a holiday, however we have as a local plan to grieve this with all units that have the language in their collective agreements. On behalf of the Executive Board we will continue to push this item. In Solidarity Bryan Keith CUPE Local 4705 - President