Negotiations Inside and Outside - An early update!

Our contracts end March 31, 2023. As many members know negotiating teams have been selected by you last month for both the Inside and Outside Units. The next step is to ensure these members have great training and efforts are underway to have CUPE National provide this training; likely in Sept-Oct. At or around this time your team or a portion of them will engage in negotiating an Essential Ambulance Services Agreement prior to beginning any type of negotiations. Be prepared to receive your "demands sheet" and encourage your brothers and sisters to take the time to complete and submit. There may be a potential of providing this submittable sheet here on line for our members but we'll need to figure that out over the next few months. What to put on your sheet is entirely up to you the members but it provides your negotiating team a positive pathway to start with when the face to face process begins. Perhaps you would like better benefits, scheduling, meal allowance, work boot allowance. Give it some thought. More to come soon on this!