Possible CCW for 2023 Season

A few years ago there was a proposition by construction services members to entertain a possible change to the construction services schedule. That schedule would see a possible an increased number of hours per day thereby providing for longer weekends off. Unfortunately with COVID priorities this didn't get entertained. A meeting last year got us close but I think with changes to management among some smaller issues we were unable to totally convince management to consider the 2022 season. However as an update to you, we are looking forward to meeting with Luciano, Dave and Tony to engage in discussions prior to the 2023 season as this is when the hiring or re-hiring takes place. The talks will also occur prior to contract negotiations so as not to be distracted by this effort. Perhaps we may not be able to address this year but can for 2023. This meeting(s) should hopefully occur this fall and hopefully I'll have more information for you at that time. Keep in mind any decision will come back to you for input and ultimate consensus. Rick Sasseville, Inside Unit Chair.