Hello Fellow CUPE Members Need volunteers NOW for Office Clerical and Technology (OCT)- Tom Davies Square, Provincial Tower, Libraries and Pools -Predominantly members working in these areas. Health and Safety is so important to all of us to ensure that work doesn’t hurt and that we can all come to work knowing that the risk of injury is very low. All large workplaces as per the Ministry of Labour laws require the establishment of a Joint Health and Safety Committee to which your union and management team members are required to have members sit on and meet monthly. Unfortunately, we worker members are not adequately represented at this time due to some movement and lam therefore looking to recommend some of you to the committee. Experience is great but not required — both the management and union side will take care of any training that may be required or requested. The benefit is that you will help maintain the representation and help the team ensure health and safety for all our members and as well anyone else who works or visits our areas. Please contact me for further information should you wish to volunteer. All committee meetings are paid by the employer including travel or any other premium as outlined in the CRA. Rick Sasseville Chair, Inside Unit CUPE 4705 (705) 507-5142 or contact the office (705) 560-4705 Representing over 1000 Strong Members

Please talk with your fellow members today.