Young Workers Committee INTRODUCTION The Canadian Union of Public Employee (CUPE) is a large diverse organization that oversees the needs and wants of many employees across Canada. One of these diverse classifications is age and more specifically, looking at the young workers within our workplaces. As many would say that the more experienced, older generation in our workplace is behind in technological advancements, some would also say that the younger generation of workers are generally silenced and overlooked by the older generation workers and their employers in regards to aspects that could ultimately benefit them and their work environment for years to come HOW DOES IT WORK This committee would encompass a minimum of one (1) person per department to discuss issues revolving around young workers within the workplace such as: Health and Safety, Labour relations, Collective Bargaining Agreement and much more. Information gathered and collected will be evaluated and considered by the executive member for review and consideration for other committees if required. In addition, any notes gathered throughout the year can be used as discussion topics for the Young Ontario Workers (YOW) committee when meetings occur. REQUIREMENTS ● Must be 30 years of age or younger ● Be a Member in Good Standing with CUPE Local 4705 ● Have general knowledge or willingness to learn the Collective Bargaining Agreement ● Have general knowledge or willingness to learn Employment standards Act as well as general labour laws BENEFITS By being a part of this committee within CUPE Local 4705 will allow the opportunity for: ● Knowledge and understanding of CUPE and your Collective Agreement. ● Better educate the young workers within your workplace on what a union is and what we can do for them. ● Find new ways to better our work environment and obtain the opinion of the young workers to see what really matters to them. ● Most importantly give the young workers a safe space to communicate and relay information without being discriminated against based on age and experience
WE NEED YOU! Join our Young Workers Committee We want to hear your thoughts. Must be 30 years of age of younger. Nominations Sept 15, 2022 at 6pm For more information contact you union hall at 705 560 4705
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