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Good day Brothers and Sisters, 

As you may or may not be aware, CUPE Local 4705 is participating in the Labour of Love campaign. In the month of February we are encouraging members to donate plasma (if they are able to) in hopes that together we can save some lives. When registering please ensure you link yourself to CUPE Local 4705. I personally have committed 4 donating in the month of February and I hope that you can do likewise.

If you can share this with other Sisters and Brothers I would trule appreciate it!
Below is the link you must click on to link yourself to CUPE 4705. If you have any questions please e-mail me at
Thank you,
Mike BellerosePresidentCUPE Local 4705

Your Partners For Life ID is CUPE0093164

To join the team:

·         Join the CUPE Local 4705 team

·         Log into or create your account

·         Select Partners from the menu

·         Add your Team number or team name CUPE Local 4705 and select JOIN THE TEAM

Hello everyone,

It’s never too late to start this new year off in a positive, lifesaving way!  Canadian Blood Services remains open during the pandemic, due to it being a very essential service.  At the end of this message are some facts and figures to consider.

In the meantime, If you haven’t already downloaded the GiveBlood APP – it’s an amazing tool.

  • track your donations
  • lets you know when you’re eligible to donate again
  • lists your blood type
  • schedule appointments or reschedule an appointment
  • remind you of your appointment
  • take the pre-donor screening questionnaire before attending your appointment (speeds up the process)
  • You can join OUR Partner team through the app. Each union has their own partner number for tracking purposes.
  • As we roll out the Labour of Love campaign in partnership with Canadian Blood Services and in support of the United Way’s campaign for the collection of feminine hygiene products this February, we encourage members and their networks to sign up and book an appointment to donate plasma anytime through the month of February as we look to support these two very important initiatives in our community.

Not sure if you are eligible …. No worries, you can reference this link to check your eligibility Am I eligible or prefer to speak to someone ….please call 1-888-2-donate (1-888-236-6283) and press 4 to speak to a registered nurse. They will answer all your questions, and everything is confidential.

If you have any questions, or just need some moral support, you can contact Teri-Mai Armstrong at and she would be happy to chat.

Thank you all for your continued support.  You never know when you or someone you know will need plasma.  It’s truly the gift of life!

We understand, things are different now. One thing however hasn’t changed, the need for plasma remains constant.

26 Plasma can be donated every two weeks. That means you can help save a life 26 times a year. 53% of Canadians will need plasma or blood products in their lifetime. 4 The need for plasma is more than 4 times what is currently donated in Canada. 700 Donated plasma and blood products are sent to 700 hospitals across Canada. 
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted over 10,000 group donations across Canada each year. During the pandemic, group donations have dropped by almost 70%. Coordinating a group donation for people who are working from home, is still possible. It is a great way to re-connect with friends! 

Currently, over 1500 plasma donation appointments need to be filled at the Sudbury Plasma Donor Centre each month. Appointments are required to ensure physical distancing and every appointment needs to be filled to ensure a strong national inventory is available to patients where and when they need it.

Help save lives together! 

Tag us @LifelineSudbury so we can like and share your posts.

Reconnect with friends and colleagues by booking a small group donation appointment. Boost your team’s morale through meaningful giving, particularly in these times of uncertainty. 
Inspire new donors by sharing your donation experience or impactful donor or patient stories on your social media platforms. Feel good knowing you are helping to save lives. And remember, snacks are on us! 
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 Left/Center: Members from our partners USW Local 6500 at an adopt-a-chair donation day.

Right:  Members from our partners OPSEU Local 619 at an adopt-a-chair donation day.

We remain open throughout the pandemic, providing essential services for patients. Donating plasma is allowed during the stay-at-home order and in fact, it’s crucial that every appointment is filled right now to ensure reliable access to plasma and other blood products for patients, where and when they need it! 

Book your appointment now at, on the GiveBlood app or by calling 1-888-2-DONATE. 

Teri-Mai Armstrong

Manager - Business Development

Plasma Operations

T  705-688-3388 x 4854  |  C  705-677-4845 |

Together, we are Canada’s Lifeline | Ensemble, nous sommes la chaîne de vie du Canada

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