CUPE 4705 President Resigns Today

Dear CUPE 4705 Executive and Members,

I have been struggling to find words to put in an email, but after staring at my computer for over an hour, I, unfortunately, don’t think that there are any right words. I am saddened to inform you that I will be resigning as President of the local effective immediately. After careful consideration, we are in a time that is extremely challenging that requires leadership. Although I know that I have seen STRONG leadership come from the executive in my absence, which makes me so proud, I think it’s time to return to a new normal as we elect a new President. 

As many are already aware, about 4 months ago, I was offered an opportunity with CUPE National as a National Servicing Representative. When I was first offered this opportunity, I thought it would be a summer opportunity, so I took a short leave of absence from the local. However, this opportunity has presented itself to be much longer, and I believe it’s now time for me to step aside from the role as President. I want to ensure the local is a priority and ensure that people don’t think that I am putting my needs and career opportunities over the local. I want to thank Max Lafontaine for stepping up in my absence and thank all board members for their leadership and patience.

I want to thank the executive board for the strong leadership you provide our members. Although we may have a wide range of personalities and opinions, together, it just fits like a glove. With the wide range of skills, we can represent the local to a high degree. I firmly believe that although I am leaving, the local will be in good hands. I would next like to thank the members for their continued support. I have been part of the executive since 2014; before this, I was the sergeant at arms. I have received tremendous support that I sincerely appreciate. I have also developed many great friendships that I value. So please, if you see me, please do not be shy to say hi!

I am truly saddened to write this letter, but at the same time, I am forever grateful to have had the privilege of being elected as President of CUPE Local 4705 and being entrusted to serve on the executive board. Whoever is my successor, I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition.

In Solidarity,
Mike Bellerose

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