Covid 19 and the CGS CBA’s

Good day everyone,

I want to inform everyone that I had a phone conversation with Mayor Brian Bigger today. As you may or may not be aware the Mayor has declared a State of Emergency for the City of Greater Sudbury. The Mayor has confirmed to me when asked "Are you planning on changing the terms of the Collective Agreement?" He responded "Absolutely not". I further addressed that I have a concern in Distribution in Collection (Due to Provincial government giving power to employers in D/C and Health Care) where hours of work have been changed unnecessarily and we had a fix. He has committed to looking into this. I am hoping for positive results.

So for anyone concerned as to what this mean - please know that the Mayor has confirmed to me directly that this will not have an impact on the Collective Agreement.

Stay safe everyone!

Mike Bellerose
CUPE Local 4705

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