Inside Unit

City of Greater Sudbury Inside (CGS IS) Unit: Approximately 1056+ full time and part-time members. This unit represents workers who perform office, clerical, technical, leisure programming, transit, library, museum, paramedical and social services work. Prior to the creation of the City of Greater Sudbury the work of this bargaining unit was spread out over some sixteen bargaining units as well as non-union staff.

CUPE 4705 INSIDE UNIT CBA 2019-2023 - PDFJob Evaluation Manual
The 4705 Executive


Paramedic Health & Safety Committee  - Christian Sissing,  JP Arseneault,  Vacant,  Gino St.Jean 

OCT Health & Safety Committee - Jordon Binotto,  April Miller, Danielle Coutu, Christina Thibeault, Kimberly Harpe, Matt Demers,  Marguerite Collin

Operations Health & Safety Committee - Gerry Gardner, Matthew Barton, Max Lafontaine, Monique Grenon, Gary Aubut, Trevor MacDonald, Carol Landrye, Eric Doni, Eric Goode, Bruno Crispo 

Joint Job Evaluation Committee -  Advisor - Vacant, Bob Lagacé, Leslie Greene, Melanie MacDougall (alt), Jennifer Babin-Fenske (alt)

Labour Management Committee - Bryan Keith, Max Lafontaine, vacant

EMS Labour Management Committee - Christian Sissing, vacant

Transit Task Force - Gary Aubut, Eric Legendre (appoint)

Transit Labour Management committee - Gary Aubut,  vacant

Library Task Force - Janni Kranz, Michel Lalonde

Sectional Employee/Organizational Wellness Committee - Jennifer Babin-Fenske, Martha Cunningham

Steward Committee - Looking for Stewards in all departments.

Chief Steward - Anthony Duong  (705) 507 3229

Clint Carballo

Denise Belanger

Bryan Keith

Kera Stokes

Srdjan Andrejic

Matthew Sieniawski

Cheng Bo An

Jennifer Babin-Fenske

Rick Sasseville

Gary Aubut - (705) 677 8122

Today, the role of a steward has expanded beyond enforcing the contract to include connecting with members and building more inclusive unions. As the role of unions has developed, so has the role of stewards. But one constant remains: as steward, you are the daily point person – the “support system” – for members with questions and concerns.

To become a steward contact your Chair or Chief Steward today.

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