Manitoulin Sudbury District Services Board

Manitoulin Sudbury District Services Board (MSDSB) Unit: The Employer is a creation of the province of Ontario that was created solely for the purpose of dealing with the Harris government downloading in areas that are sparsely populated over huge geographic territories. The Northern Services Board is responsible for providing Ontario Works (welfare), public and social housing, child care and paramedical service in the Districts of both Manitoulin and Sudbury, excluding the City of Greater Sudbury. Local # 4705 represents approximately 40 full time and part time members at the MDSSB. The local does not represent paramedical employees.

Collective Agreement

Bargaining Unit Officers

The 4705 Executive

Health and Safety Committee

Chris Smith
Lianne Lacasse

Negotiations Committee

Kristian Thorne
Jim Putman
Paulette Poulin

Benefits Committee

Leslie Giroux
Paulette Poulin
Jim Putman

Labour Management Committee

Jim Putman
Paulette Poulin
Joyce Yue


Jim Putman

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