All Collective Bargaining Agreements are available within the Member Portal (upper right of your screen).  As well you may request from your Chief Steward or Contact your CUPE Office at 705 560 4705 and pick up at the local office in Copper Cliff.

Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc. Plus

Greater Sudbury Hydro Plus Incorporated (GSHPI)Unit: Approximately 85 full time and casual members. This unit represents workers who perform work associated with building and maintaining the hydro-electric infrastructure in the former City of Sudbury and former Towns of Capreol, Coniston and Falconbridge. West Nipissing Energy Services recently merged with this bargaining unit, welcome! Our members are linepersons, engineering staff, billing and support staff. The company itself is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greater Sudbury Utilities which in turn is one hundred percent owned by the City of Greater Sudbury.

Bargaining Unit Officers

The 4705 Executive


Health & Safety Committee    Leanne Kennett

Joint Job Evaluation Committee Evan Bate

Labour Management Committee  Leanne Kennett 

Bargaining Committee  - Evan Bate, France Ethier

Looking for Stewards in all departments.


Today, the role of a steward has expanded beyond enforcing the contract to include connecting with members and building more inclusive unions. As the role of unions has developed, so has the role of stewards. But one constant remains: as steward, you are the daily point person – the “support system” – for members with questions and concerns.

To become a steward contact your Chair today.

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