Bargaining Survey Arriving Soon

Your elected Negotiations Committee has met and the created what we believe to be a comprehensive survey for our Inside, Outside and Housing Units as we approach negotiations with the employer.  These surveys will arrive next week at your home address that you supplied to the employer. 

Please take a few minutes and think about some of the changes you might like your team to address.  The surveys serve to provide a general direction for your team to go moving forward for the next CBA.  

Inside you'll find a three page survey and a stamped addressed envelope you can use to simply drop off in the mail.  At some time in December, your negotiating team will meet to evaluate the results of the survey and with the assistance of CUPE National, start to form proposals.  Our goal is to begin negotiations shortly before the end of the current CBA.  

We ask that you please return your survey to the mail no later than November 30, 2022.  

Hope you all are enjoying this unusual November weather. 

In solidarity,