CUPE 4705 Election 2016

This is an election year for CUPE 4705. Nominations and acclamations have taken place over this past week. Elections this year will be conducted electronically as per our by-law 12:03. The election committee consists of Sarah Timm (Chief Returning Officer), Mike McGaughey, Paul Kingsbury, Wanda Vuorela, and Richard Beausoliel.  The Executive team has selected the company ‘Simply Voting’ to conduct our elections.

All members will receive information in the mail, sent to their last recorded home address (with your employer). This document will contain your unique identifier and a password. Once this is received you follow the instructions contained in your document by going onto the internet and voting for the candidates you are allowed to vote for (for example everyone votes for the Table Officers, but then each section can only vote for positions within their section).  The voting packages are not sent out early, most of our members should receive them a few days before voting opens.

If you have not received your voting package by November 15, 2016, please contact the CRO directly at: sarah.timm@greatersudbury .ca or 705-674-4455 ext 3862 with a valid email address so that an electronic voting package can be sent to you.

Voting will open November 10, 2016 at 12:01am and will close November 16, 2016 at 11:59pm. There will be a polling station available for members to attend CUPE 4705 Hall at 41 Veterans Road in Copper Cliff on November 10th and 16th from 8am to 8pm. This poll will still be conducted electronically, it is being made available for those who may not have internet access or who wish to have some assistance with the process.

The results of the election will be announced at the General Membership Meeting on November 17, 2016 – 7pm. As soon as possible after the meeting results will be made public on the CUPE 4705 Website. All Candidates are asked to have a scrutineer arranged for ahead of time and present in the boardroom at the CUPE 4705 Hall before 7pm on November 17, 2016 to be present for the opening of the email results.

Specifically for members of 4705 Inside and Outside bargaining units, it has been approved by the employer that voting can occur on work time and accessing work computers for those that have access already, and that you are permitted to print your – receipt- for proof of your vote.

Please see below the details of your Executive and Sections.

The Table Officers are as follows:

Candidates for President are:

  • Wayne Jones
  • Darryl Taylor

Candidates for Vice President are:

  • Marc Cloutier
  • Phil Kingsbury

Candidates for Recording Secretary are:

  • Denise Belanger
  • Rick Sasseville

Secretary Treasurer – Anne Trottier – Acclaimed
Sergeant at Arms – Max Lafontaine – Acclaimed
Trustee – 3 year term – Bob Lagace – Acclaimed

Inside Unit Positions:

Chair – Jacky Comeau - Acclaimed

Candidates for Co-Chair are:

  • Sam Slobodian
  • Susan Specht

Candidates for Chief Steward are:

  • Gary Aubut
  • Bryan Keith

Outside Unit Positions:

Candidates for Chair are:

  • Joey Ladouceur
  • Rick Leroux

Co-Chair – Mike Bellerose – Acclaimed
Chief Steward – Dave McGlade – Acclaimed

Sudbury Hydro Inc Positions:

Candidates for Chair are:

  • Mike Bourque
  • Kyle England

Manitoulin Sudbury DSB Positions:

Candidates for Chair are:

  • Leslie Giroux
  • Jim Putman

Other Positions:

Ontario Library Services North (OLSN) Chair – Steven Kraus – Acclaimed
Sudbury Hydro Plus Chair – Stefan Bartsch – Acclaimed
Ontario #1627596 In (Agilis) Chair – Scott Chartrand – Acclaimed
Greater Sudbury Housing Corp – Chair – Dave Levesque – Acclaimed
Espanola Recreational  Complex- Chair – Debbie Sokoloski – Acclaimed

Any other questions please contact Sarah Timm at the above noted contact information, or another member of the Elections Committee if they are available to you in your work place and we will try to answer all inquiries

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