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General Membership Meeting – February 21, 2019

DATE:            Thursday February 21, 2019

TIME:            7:00 P.M.

PLACE:       CUPE UNION HALL – Local 4705, 41 Veterans Road, Copper Cliff


Regular Order of Business

Conference Delegates (OMECC, Libraries, SSWCC)

Alternate Selection:

  • OMECC (4)
  • Libraries (2)
  • Social Services (SSWCC) (2)

Policy Paper Amendment Approval

MOTION #2018-362

Move that the Policy Paper #4 g) be amended to reflect the following language:

“Members attending to Union business which prevents them from maintaining a regular work schedule due to the requirements put upon them of their positions in regards to special projects, arbitration, mediation or collective bargaining which may extend beyond normally scheduled working hours within the City of Greater Sudbury; incurring out of pocket expenses; shall be reimbursed for said expenses upon submission of receipts for said expenses up to a maximum of dollars ($60.00) per day excluding parking”

MOVED & SECONDED BY: S Kraus & B Keith