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Ontario Library Services

Ontario Library Service   (OLS) Unit: This Employer is an agency of the crown who is mandated to provide consultation and supportive services to public libraries in Northern Ontario including those libraries operated by First Nations. This bargaining unit represents approximately twelve full time employees and has been impacted by numerous government cut backs over the last decade.

In April of 2019, the bargaining unit suffered another tremendous blow, loosing more bargaining unit positions and where dealt a further 50% cut to their operating funding as a result of cutbacks by the Government of Ontario. In 2021 the Bargaining Unit will see yet another change as the organization will merge with SOLS. The new name will become OLS (Ontario Library Services)

OLSN CBA 2018-2021

Bargaining Unit Officers

The 4705 Executive


  • Gwen Boyd
  • Steven Kraus


Health and Safety:

  • Jeff Laitinen
  • Vacant

JE Committee:

  • Jeff Laitinen
  • Gwen Boyd
  • Vacant (Alt)

Labour Management:

  • CUPE 4705 President (Co-Chair)
  • Vacant

Negotiating Committee: