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Municipal Inside Unit

Hard at work at City Hall

City of Greater Sudbury Inside (CGS I\S) Unit: Approximately 800+ full time and part-time members. This unit represents workers who perform office, clerical, technical, leisure programming, transit, library, museum, paramedical and social services work. Prior to the creation of the City of Greater Sudbury the work of this bargaining unit was spread out over some sixteen bargaining units as well as non-union staff.

FINAL CUPE 4705 INSIDE UNIT CBA 2016-2019 – PDF – *NEW June 2017*

Job Evaluation Manual

Bargaining Unit Officers

The 4705 Executive


Health & Safety Committee Members (5) 

Health & Safety Committee Alternates (2) 

Joint Job Evaulation – Advisor (1)

Joint Job Evaulation – Voting Members (2) 

Joint Job Evaulation – Alternates (2) 

Safe Driving Committee – Transit only (2)

Labour Management – (2)

Wellness Committee – (2) 

Bargaining Committee:

Jacky Comeau

Adam Cole

John Blier

Sherry Sanfelice

Maurice Meilleur


Mathieu Peron
Darryl Taylor
Gary Aubut
Jacky Comeau
Bryan Keith
Phil Kingsbury
Rick Sasseville
Samantha Slobodian
Susan Specht
Trevor Lindsay